“The Athletic Profile App produced by Max Mobile Apps has been a great addition to our program here at 1G2R. It allows our athletes to help further advertise themselves in the recruiting process for scouts anywhere they go. Some of our top football athletes, such as Buck Watkins (Edgewater H.S.) and Zander Zimmer (Bishop Moore H.S,) have added the app and have used it to promote at various football camps. This technology is going to be big for our athletes and we are happy to be in partnership with Max Mobile Apps. I just wish I had this for when I was in high school and college!”


Coach Josh Ferguson

Lead Trainer at 1G2R Sports & Fitness Training

‘03-07 Purdue Univeristy Linebacker

’08 Green Bay Packer Free Agent

To All Student Athletes, MAX Mobile Apps  designed my own athletic app linked to a QR code so coaches from colleges and universities could instantly look up my profile while they were watching me play. My profile includes my stats, grades training video, game footage and my game schedule. In softball one of the best ways to get noticed is by inviting coaches to watch your team play at showcase tournaments. These tournaments are for the coaches to see, meet and recruit new players to their schools. The first tournament I was at using the new App and wearing the QR code on my helmet was very exciting. I also put the QR code on the team banner and team flyer so anyone could use the app. My dad and I saw coaches scanning the QR code, looking at me and using my profile app. My father spoke to several of the coaches and they had never seen this before but quickly stated this is the way of the future in recruiting. I had never seen that many coaches looking at my profile before.


Since that showcase I have committed to a 2 year athletic scholoarship at a local Jr. College.  MAX Mobile apps will continue working with me as I start the recruiting process to find the University I will be attending in 2 years by updating my profile app. My personal athletic app will have my college videos and stats similar to my original profile.


I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to stand out. Even by sending you the link to a coach they are more curious because it is something different. When they open it and realize it is your complete profile they can’t help but look. In trying to be recruited and getting the coaches to see you is most of the challenge.


 Ashley Butler

Wesley Chapel Florida

As a high school athlete attending camps and visiting colleges I was always asked for game film from coaches to review. It was sometimes hard to "always" have film "on hand" and It never failed that I wouldn't realize that I was out of film until someone asked for one.

When my mom and dad found Max Mobile, and I was on board because of the fact that I would not have to carry DVDs with me all the time and I didn't have to worry about running out.

It's made it really easy for me to give my link and have anyone access my information, game schedule, game film and a lot of other information about me. In my opinion, any athlete trying to get college exposure could benefit from this set up.

The Max Mobile Athletic App can open a lot of doors for me because at any given time I'm prepared to show schools who I am and that I'm ready for the next level.


Tyler Sims


Tampa Catholic High School

Class of 2016


The mobile athletic app is the wave of the future. It’s a whole recruiting process wrap up in a single app. It combines stats, personal info, training info and a lot more. To actually see a player and find out everything about that player from a single app can help a lot of student athletes that go unnoticed in the recruiting process. I highly recommend the Max Mobile athletic app which is currently being used by the Top-Ranked DE High School player in the country (Shavar Manuel) who I have been training for the past two years.


Anthony "AD" Davis

 NFL Career:

33 consecutive starts at left tackle

Career history
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2003–2008)
  • New Orleans Saints (2009)